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Lawyer Gian Luca Pagliaro, Specialist in International Business Law 

Export Law - International Contract Law - International Consumer Law - UN Sales Law CISG - Incoterms - Commercial Agents Law - Inheritance Law in Europe - Inheritance Law Ordinance - Foreign Company Law - Foreign Branch Office - Insolvency Abroad - European Collection Procedure - International Arbitration - EuGVVO Litigation

We have been working in the field of international law since 1995. Our correspondence languages are German, Italian, English, French, Spanish, Arabic (Maghrebian Arabic).

Italian law

Italian law

  • italian inheritance law
  • Italian real estate law
  • Italian consular law and preparatory notarial services
  • matrimonial property law Italy
  • Commercial and corporate law Italy
  • Information Italy law
  • information Italy commercial register information, real estate register
  • You are looking for a lawyer in Italy
  • Expert for Italian law
International Law

International Law

  • International sales law,
  • UN Sales Law
  • International distribution law/commercial agents
  • International Corporate Law
  • International Law of Succession
    • Maghreb States (Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt)
    • Switzerland
    • Austria
  • Law Maghreb States(Morocco, Tunisia)
Tax law

Tax law

  • International tax law - residence, work, permanent establishment, double taxation treaties
  • Inheritance tax law Germany / Italy
  • Tax Law Italy
  • Capital income abroad


  • 1/20: Inheritance tax guidelines 2019 come into force

    Tax guidelines are instructions on legal interpretation issued by the Federal Government of Germany, with the approval of the Bundesrat, to the tax authorities. They are issued by the Federal Ministry of Finance for the purpose of uniform application of tax law, to avoid undue hardship and to minimise administrative expense. The Inheritance Tax Directive 2019 is intended "to take account essentially of the changes in the law that have taken place in the meantime, changes in administrative opinion and the highest court rulings". First and foremost, it should be noted that the inheritance of business assets under Section 13a of the Inheritance Tax Act (ErbStG) has become more reliable, in particular with regard to the calculation of the wage bill, including in cases of conversion, the retention rules for business assets, advance deduction for family businesses, pension assets, real estate transferred in the event of a business split, and the investment clause.


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